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"Start to Stash" - The Buttercup Model

HR is “based on ideas and techniques developed to enhance worker motivation, productivity and performance”. ​​


Our mission is to SUPPORT, TRAIN, and ADVISE because as a TEAM


Together Everyone Achieves More


At Pragmatic HR Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in generalist HR, both in house within industry and on a consultancy basis. We are well versed in providing proactive, hands on advice to SMEs in all business disciplines in the public private and not for profit sector, throughout the UK.

Good and effective Human Resources is a balance between keeping a work force happy and following the required legal obligations to protect not only you as a business, but your employees.



HR Support

HR Mentoring 
HR Guidance for HR Professionals 

Coaching & Mentoring 


HR is about implementing effective polices and procedures to mediate between employees and employer.




Outsourcing promotes the improvement & efficiency of HR as part of a more strategic and influential future.

The average award of an unfair dismissal claim at Employment Tribunal in 2022 is £17,130


 The maximum compensatory award £93,878


Can you really afford to get it wrong?​

The cost of getting HR wrong


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