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Bespoke HR Packages

At a time that is convenient for you, a member of the Pragmatic team will meet with you to discuss your key HR needs and conduct an HR audit to determine the priorities of your business. From this, we will agree together a support package which best suits your company. 


   The most popular support packages are:


This is an ongoing contract where the support you receive is as if you had your own in house HR Guru. This is billed on a monthly rotation and will incur a notice period regarding commitment to services.


A more flexible approach. Support is provided on an as and when basis. This option has no notice period and therefore you are not tied in to a contract, rather billed monthly. Hourly rate HR is more useful for start-up businesses who have not yet established a static need for HR.


Largely used for HR support which will be a controlled amount of time e.g. Recruitment, Appraisals and Job Analysis. This is an agreed rate process helping you manage your budget of time and money effectively. Billing is on completion of project. Please email Sian for more information.

Telephone Support

Telephone support packages offer immediate HR advice on tap! Advice is available 24 hours a day. This gives you complete and utter peace of mind. Regardless how complex or simple the query, an HR Guru is there at your fingertips, wherever you are. This package is billed monthly at an agreed rate. 


Prices may be subject to VAT. 


Pragmatic HR Ltd would recommend quarterly HR site meetings to make sure the package you have selected still meets your needs in a continuously evolving climate. 


On-site visits are charged per hour and incur an agreed mileage allowance fee.

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