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Why Outsource?

The practice of outsourcing involves the purchasing from an external provider of one or more business services, which could include HR. The specific processes that are included within any HR outsourcing arrangement will vary from organisation to organisation – some may outsource virtually all of their HR processes while others select specific components such as payroll or recruitment.

Pragmatic HR Ltd offers a range of packages designed to suit the specific needs of your business and industry.


We act as your virtual in house HR department, which would usually consist of a tier of support ranging from HR administrators, HR officers, and an HR Manager. A combined salary of circa £60,000.


You save on paying:


  • Annual Salaries

  • Annual leave

  • Pensions

  • PAYE

  • Bonuses

  • Bespoke additions such as mobile phones, laptops, company cars etc





We will work together with you to provide tailored support, advice and solution to suit your needs and budget.


Pragmatic HR can provide you an all-encompassing support package, at a fraction of the cost.

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