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Recruitment Packages

As anyone will tell you, recruitment is a costly process, so you need to get it right – first time. Pragmatic HR will spend the time sourcing candidates, sifting and then meeting appropriate candidates on your behalf. This will save you precious time and energy so that when you come to meet your potential new employee – they meet the agreed criteria according to the job and personal specification, skills expectations which are bespoke to the role you are recruiting for.

Regardless of how many people you are looking for, regardless of how many roles there are to fill, the hourly rate you pay is the only bill you’ll receive.
Here’s how this strategy saves you money:-

Eg: If you are recruiting for a manager at £30,000 an agency will charge you between 15-20%=£4,500- £6,000 
Pragmatic HR estimate 8 days per recruitment project=£3000

Instant saving of up to £3000.



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